May is here, which means, graduation is right around the corner. This is a time for reflection on the memories made and for parents trying to comprehend how time went so fast. It is also a time for seniors rejoicing in their successes and the satisfaction that, ‘we are finally done!’. But for some of you, it is the pressure to make sure you have the live stream go perfect to create and preserve the one-of-a-kind moments graduation brings for those unable to attend and for those who will want to watch these moments for years to come. So, if that is you, here are five tips that will be sure to make streaming graduation a success:


Location, location, location. When setting up to stream your graduation ceremony you will want to make sure you are in the right location. You will want to make sure you can catch the seniors walking down (and out), music/slideshow and most importantly the receiving of the diplomas.


With so many different parts of graduation, audio can sometimes be difficult to pick up. If you have the ability to tap into the PA system in the gymnasium or ceremony location that would be ideal. If not you can always pick up the sound off the speakers as well.


Catching all the moments of graduation is key. You don’t want to miss anything so be sure to keep the camera focused on a majority of the action. Zooming and panning will be necessary for when the diplomas are handed out and any other special music performances.


Graduation is one of those moments in life that you will want to treasure forever. Recording the event is crucial. Many parents, relatives and grandparents will want to have this to look back on later in life. We suggest recording through Wirecast plus recording to the camera as a backup for higher quality video. That way if something goes wrong you will have another copy available.


As always be sure to let everyone know that you are streaming your graduation ceremony. Put an article on your school website. Share it on Facebook & Twitter. Be sure to let everyone know that is unable to attend and also those that can’t watch LIVE know that it will be available on-demand as well.

Following these few guidelines provides a little peace of mind for the streamer, so you can relax a little bit more and enjoy the moments you are experiencing just like the people you are providing the stream to. These tips will help you give the best possible experience for your viewers and let them be a part of such a special occasion with all the moments of tears, moments of memories, of proudness…and to also catch the moments when Johnny decides to jump off the stage after he receives his diploma, to make sure you catch whose family brought the blow horn for when their sibling’s name is announced, whose mom put the ‘baby butt’ picture in the slideshow or, finally, when Suzy catches a selfie with the ‘off guard’ board member handing her her diploma…because those moments, my friend, are unforgettable!