The Bridger Kroos Effect

It is easy to believe that one student can’t enact real change within their high school. Luckily, a sophomore from Kenesaw High School with a passion for broadcasting high school sports chose not to believe this. 

Bridger Kroos is that student, the one who brought forth real change within his high school through his passion for broadcasting.

Where the Passion Began

Kroos first got involved with broadcasting through Striv during his freshman year to improve his public speaking abilities. Little did he know that he would soon discover a passion that is still burning bright today. 

“My first experience with Striv was the first football game of the season. It was probably less than five minutes into that first game. I put the headset on, started talking and it just all felt right. It felt like exactly what I wanted to do.”

There is no doubt that Kroos is fulfilling his goal of improving his public speaking abilities. But what he didn’t know is that he would learn entirely new skills through broadcasting that will help him not only in his career field but in life. 

“One of the biggest skills I’ve developed is networking. I learned it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. The other biggest thing is probably time management. I have to balance out school work, sports I’m involved in, and the things I have to do for Striv.”

Striv gives students an outlet to have experiences that they would not have otherwise. Whether it be with photography, broadcasting, etc. Kroos attests to how many opportunities Striv has given him to do what he loves. 

“Striv has given me the biggest opportunities so far. I covered this year’s state basketball where I got to commentate on a ton of games. Earlier on I got to commentate the Heartland Hoops Classic tournament. Both were amazing experiences.” 

Kroos’s passion for broadcasting has caused an eruption for more digital media education throughout Kenesaw High School.

An Impact Beyond the Broadcast

Molly Engelhardt, a business teacher at Kenesaw High School and the Striv coach, spoke greatly of what Striv has not only done for their high school, but for their community. 

“There are so many platforms to choose from to stream and I believe Striv sets itself apart from others because its focus is on students and learning. The students are getting real-world experience and the community is able to see firsthand their work.”

Looking at it from the outside it may seem like students involved with Striv are only learning certain skills that only apply to actually streaming games. Engelhardt ensures that students are learning real-life skills. 

“Striv has empowered students to think outside the box and become leaders in the school.  It has given the students responsibility and I feel students have become more confident. Students are doing things they never thought they could do.”

It is not just students who are buzzing about digital media education at Kenesaw High School, teachers are just as excited about the new opportunities. 

“Other teachers are wanting to become part of the Kenesaw Striv team and we are building classes around them. We are planning to combine Journalism, Multimedia, and Graphic Design next school year to bring Striv to a new level.”

With all these exciting new changes it seems that Kenesaw High School has developed a thriving digital media education program. 

Striv gives schools everything they need to not only seamlessly stream games, but to empower students and provide them with real-world experiences that result in them learning skills that apply to any career field. Click here to learn more about you can start your program today.