Applications for Striv Academy are OEPN!

If our community is new to you, here’s what you need to know:

Striv is on a mission to grow a community of student-content creators in Nebraska who are dedicated storytellers that go beyond the classroom to grow in areas of writing, broadcasting, videography, photography, and graphic design.

The Value

  1. Become ready for your next steps, whatever they might be, by building your personal brand inside and outside of the classroom. Read how academy students engage with real-life media experience at NSAA State Events.
  2. Meet like-minded students, work on projects together, and grow in relationship around your shared interest.
  3. Meet the experts in your field who can guide you and open new exciting opportunities.
  4.  Make your project elite and professional-grade by having the ability to consult with the experts in your field.

You will choose a media track that best suit you: Audio, Video, Writing or Design 

These tracks are designed for students to focus their creative talent and grow their skills in this specific area. For example, students in the audio track created a podcast about sports at their high school, while students in the video track created projects like documentaries and highlight reels.

Academy students will use and become experts on the most important technologies in media. Among others, Google Drive, Slack, and Zoom will make them able to share their work and communicate with the Striv team and other students. While most of the community and actions are online, they will have the opportunity to attend state events, workshops, and other events with the Striv team.  

*NOTE* We are looking for students who are dedicated, and looking to go beyond the classroom to gain experience. Academy will not teach you the basics of everything, rather propel you forward on the foundation you already have. 

Read how second-year academy student, Dante Boelhower landed an internship with us.