As long as high schools have been around rivalries between different high schools have existed. While it is very interesting to watch two rival high schools duke it out in different sporting events, it is even more interesting to see rival schools come together to do something amazing.

Jeremy Borer, who is the director of technology at Sandy Creek High School had the vision of Striv students from different schools all collaborating to help stream girl’s sub-district basketball.

Striv students from Sandy Creek, Sutton and Superior were all involved. As well as Fillmore Central providing extra equipment and funding. 

Collaboration is Key

Borer, who has been teaching digital media education for around 8 years, saw the girl’s sub-district basketball as an amazing way for Striv students from different schools to collaborate and learn from each other. 

“The collaboration was such a big thing because every school runs their Striv broadcasts a little bit differently. It was neat to see the kids from Sutton, Superior and Sandy Creek working together and learning from each other.”

These Striv students were all collaborating and working together to achieve one objective, providing the best streaming experience possible for fans.

“We had four play-by-play people as well as four camera operators. We had someone running the switcher, between the camera shots, and then somebody running Wirecast and the scoreboard as well.”

Real-World Skills

Ambition is something Borer sees in all the students that are involved with Striv and recognizes that it gives these students something to pursue and to be passionate about. 

“Not every kid likes science, math or social studies. I understand that and Striv gives these kids an outlet for what they are truly passionate about and gives them an opportunity to do real-world stuff.”

Opportunities like this give students real-world experiences that they wouldn’t have if not being involved with Striv. These are skills that are desired and can be applicable to most, if not all career fields. 

In the classroom Borer sees the skills that these students are learning and how much they are growing. As well as knowing how much it will benefit them in the future. 

“If you’ve taken these classes and had these experiences, it can benefit you not only just in a job but they’re gonna benefit you in life.”

It is inspiring to see students from rival schools coming together to achieve a singular goal. All of these students involved worked extremely hard to make sure that they provided the best possible streaming experience for fans. 

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