Jedidiah (Jed) Woods is the definition of Creative Genius. In fact, he would tell you that he “has enough passions to serve more than one life.”

Jed is a recent college grad from Grand Canyon University (GCU) where he majored in business administration. Post graduation, he’s found himself doing mostly freelance work, as well as working on in photojournalism for GCU.

But Jed is much more than his career. Jed has found his purpose in life: storytelling, and he pursues it with everything he’s got. Jed’s ability to know his strengths shines as he has started multiple companies, won international competitions, had his photography featured in galleries, among many other things. In this weeks episode, we let Jed do what he does best, tell stories, and we promise, they are some of the most engaging and interesting stories you’ve ever heard. He was an absolute blast to have him on the show, and we know you’ll enjoy him as much as we did.

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