There’s a lot more to most high school students than you might think.  That’s exactly the case with Nate and Jake.

Nate and Jake both go to Millard West High School and are heavily involved in their journalism department.  They both are extremely talented in the realm of journalism, and the first two students to join StrivU Academy. We traveled to Millard West to sit down with Nate and Jake and talk about the many ways that they have been involved in journalism at their high school.  We also talk about their plans after high school, dreams, and how they came to have such a love for sharing stories.

Nate and Jake are both incredible journalists and even started their own podcast at Millard West called the “Wildcat Wire”.  They talk about some of the challenges that they face at school while pursuing their journalism dreams. Yet they still persist, these are the students who are doing the most to represent their school in a positive way.  

You can find “The Creator’s Life” here, or on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or any other major podcast hosting platforms.

Written by Nate Dupler
Junior, GINW
StrivU Academy , Writing