When faced with starting something new, it is easy to dwell on the chance of failure, but we know we can never find new passions and talents without first trying.

Luckily a group of brave students and teachers didn’t let the thought of failure get in the way of starting something amazing. Lily Rowe and Ben Drozd are two of the students who found unknown passions and hidden talents when they chose to join Lakeview High School’s Striv Team three years ago. 

Discovering New Passions and Talents

When both Ben and Lily made the decision to join Striv, they didn’t think much of it. Little did they know that by trying something new, they both found something that they would really enjoy. 

“I first got involved with Striv because I thought it was interesting and was something that could be fun. It turned out to be something super fun and I really enjoyed it,” Ben explained. 

Even though Ben and Lily have different skills and interests they both found a niche within the Striv team that fit them best. Ben is the main announcer and announces basketball, football, volleyball, and softball games. While Lily focuses more on the creative side and designs game day graphics and takes pictures for a variety of sports.  

Lakeview High School along with Striv provides all of the tools and resources needed for students to be successful in digital media education. Lily expressed her excitement about having access to Adobe programs. 

“Since we have Striv, our school bought the student Adobe program which allowed me to be able to access Adobe Photoshop. That has been really helpful in progressing my designs.”

Ben and Lily have found passions that would still be under wraps if not being involved in Striv, especially Ben and his love for announcing. If not taken that leap of faith with Striv, he would have never discovered his love for announcing sports. 

“If I would have never joined Striv, I would have not had the opportunity to announce games. Once I started, I just knew that I loved announcing and Striv is going to be really fun.”

The Impact and Opportunities from Striv

Without a brave teacher, this group of eager students would not have had an outlet to learn and experience digital media education. Tyler Colvin is the Striv Advisor at Lakeview High School and the brave teacher in question. 

Tyler knew about the benefits that Striv would have in the classroom, but what he didn’t know is how much it would have an impact on the community as well. 

“The impact in the community has been a greater ability for our patrons to view, support, and celebrate many if not all of the concerts, activities, awards, and recognition that the students and programs are involved with here at Lakeview.”

Striv allows students the opportunity to learn about the digital media realm by immersing them in real-world experiences while in high school. Tyler recognizes the impact that Striv has on the students involved. 

“Striv has had positive impacts here at Lakeview in both the classroom and community. In the classroom it has provided many opportunities for our students to be creative, collaborative, and foster a sense of pride in sharing/promoting all the great achievements, competitions, and stories taking place here in our school.”

Tyler, Ben, and Lily are all pioneers at Lakeview because of their dedication to developing and growing their Striv program. 

Any school can stand to gain from having a digital media education program, big or small. Striv connects you to all the help and resources needed to start and develop a thriving digital media education program!