Weekly Zoom Sessions

 Zoom at Noon!  

Catch up on our Weekly Zoom sessions from the 2017-18 school year to help your class get going, or pick up some tips on everything from play by play to Photoshop and more!

Session #0 – Streaming 101 – 8.9.17 – WATCH HERE

Eric walks through the simple steps to setting up your camera and using Wirecast.

Session #1 – Creating a Digital Media Class – 8.16.17 – WATCH HERE

Taylor discusses format, curriculum and the four pillars to a Digital Media Class.

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Session #2 –  Wirecast 101 – 8.23.17 – WATCH HERE

Eric talks about adding-in camera shots, media and a scoreboard to your Wirecast

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Session #3 –Planning out a Broadcast – 8.30.17 – WATCH HERE

Eric discusses the basics of broadcasting: When to start and stop your broadcast, what to do during timeouts and halftime, and how to set up and tear down your equipment.

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Session #4 – Sports Play by Play 101 –  9.6.17 – WATCH HERE

Eric covers the prep work before the start of a game, spotting board and roster chart, and how to write out an opening and closing for a game.

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Session #5 – Shooting Photo and Video – 9.13.17 – WATCH HERE

Austin covers shooting modes (M, Av, Tv), autofocus and metering, wide, medium and tight shots and the rule of thirds.

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Session #6 –Adobe Photoshop 101 – 9.20.17 – WATCH HERE  

Austin discusses the beginning stages once opening Photoshop: Blending  options, adjustments and filters

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Session #7 – Interviewing Techniques – 9.27.17 – WATCH HERE 

Eric gives tips on interviewing techniques, like knowing your intended use of the interview, doing your research, and listening to the answers you get.

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Session #8 –Slack & Loom 101 – 10.4.17 – WATCH HERE  

Sara covers the basics of Slack and Loom; getting signed up, channels, direct messaging and how to interact and ask questions to other schools.

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Session #9 –Snapchat and Instagram Stories  – 10.11.17- WATCH HERE 

Taylor discusses how to use stories, tagging, sharing photos and videos from events and Snapchat Geofilters.

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Session #10 –Adobe Photoshop 202 – 10.18.17 – WATCH HERE

Austin discusses, in detail, how to use the selection tool and how to use masks.

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Session #11 –Adobe Photoshop 303 – 10.25.17 – WATCH HERE 

Austin will demonstrate how to use anchor points (vector objects) and how to use text in your images.

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Session #12 –Adobe Premiere – 11.1.17 – WATCH HERE

Austin discusses workspaces, slow-motion and time-lapse, titles, audio editing/syncing and how to export your content.

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Session #13 –Pixelmator to Design Graphics  – 11.8.17 – WATCH HERE

Taylor will cover image sizes for Canvas, adding filters and text and how to export your content.

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Session #15 –Creating a show – 11.29.17 – WATCH HERE   

Eric will discuss how to schedule guests, use coordinating graphics, format your show and how to promote your show on social media.

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Session #16 – Winter Sports Play by Play – 12.6.17 – WATCH HERE

Eric talks about Basketball, using a scoresheet and Wrestling.

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Session #17 – Creating a podcast – 1.10.18 – WATCH HERE

Eric will discuss the software, flow, equipment and where to upload a podcast

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Session #18 – Creating an Audiogram – 1.24.18 – WATCH HERE

Taylor discusses how to create an Audiogram with SpareMin, why Striv is using them

Session #19 – StrivU Innovations in your class – 1.31.18 – WATCH HERE

Taylor goes on a rant about how Striv can help you build an innovations class and use social media to get students connected and build their network

Session #20 – #StrivU18 Social Media Conference – 2.14.18 – WATCH HERE

Taylor and Sara talk about the #StrivU18 Social Media Conference that is being hosted February 20 and 22, 2018.

Session #21 – Using the ATEM Switcher – 2.21.18 – WATCH HERE

Eric, with help from Marcus Scheer at Johnson County Central,  talks about the ATEM multi cam switcher from BlackMagic Design, which we use for many of our Striv Sports productions.

Session #22 – State Basketball Prep – 2.28.18 – WATCH HERE

Eric & Sara talk about what Striv does to prepare for State basketball, and Alec Rome from Omaha Central joins to give his thoughts on prep work for games and carrying on the Central Broadcast.

Session #23 – Wirecast 8 – 3.14.18 – WATCH HERE

Eric talks about the layout of Wirecast 8, some of the different features, and a wireless camera option.

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